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We're looking for a structural enzymologist to help decipher how viruses evolve resistance to antiviral drugs. More details here and apply here.

Prospective students:

We are happy to accept students from the BBSRC DTP programme for PhD projects. We're also happy to hear from potential applicants for Gates Cambridge MPhil or PhD studentships, Cambridge Trust Studentships or Commonwealth Scholarships. You can find details on additional sources of studentship funding on the Department of Pathology prospective students page.

Prospective postdocs:

We are always interested to hear from motivated postdocs who want to apply for fellowships (e.g. from EMBO, HFSP, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 [Stephen had one of these!], the Royal Society or the Wellcome Trust) to join the lab.

You can find many more photos on our lab Twitter account

Summer Garden Party - August 2021

After a very long 18 months it was great to be able to bring everyone together for a most British of social events - a summer garden party! We were joined by our friends from Janet Deane's lab. The British climate didn't disappoint (it rained) but that didn't stop us having a great time, with plenty of good snacks including Susanna's killer chilli jams. We even got a chance to take a new lab photo, sadly without Alison who headed off early to finish her MPhil thesis (we're sure the end result will be worth it!) and Kamal who is still based in Oxford at Diamond beamline B24. Thanks everyone for coming over and making it a great day...roll on next Summer!

  • 2021_Summer_Garden_Party_1

    Close Next Prev Everyone gathered

  • 2021_Summer_Garden_Party_2

    Close Next Prev BBQ fare, of course (new for this year, a separate vegan BBQ!)

  • 2021_Summer_Garden_Party_3

    Close Next Prev Ben made a new friend in dognuts

  • 2021_Summer_Garden_Party_4

    Close Next Prev Dognuts asserting her dominance as top dog in the lab

  • 2021_Summer_Garden_Party_5

    Close Next Prev It wouldn't be a summer BBQ in the UK without rain

  • 2021_Summer_Garden_Party_6

    Close Next Prev But thankfully we were prepared and no one got too soggy

Lab Christmas Party - December 2019

We again teamed up with our friends in Janet Deane's lab from the CIMR to hold a lab Christmas party at Stephen and Janet's house. There was a Dirty Santa swap of gifts, food, music, mulled wine, and puzzles including our Lego Challenge. We topped it off with what has to be one of the most esoteric of Christmas movies, Gremlins (thanks Kamal for the solid film pick). A fun end to a busy year in the lab!

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_1

    Close Next Prev There was loads of food, despite Stephen's snacking before people arrived

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_2

    Close Next Prev Janet passing around the hat for the Stealing Santa

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_3

    Close Next Prev Henry was pretty happy with his Secret Santa gift

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_4

    Close Next Prev Maria was a bit more puzzled by hers

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_5

    Close Next Prev Stephen stole Henry's present (sadly, his time with the swan queen was short-lived)

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_6

    Close Next Prev

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_7

    Close Next Prev Maria's present finally makes sense

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_8

    Close Next Prev Kamal and Natalia look on (gifts in hand)

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_9

    Close Next Prev Ben unwrapping his gift

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_10

    Close Next Prev He seems pretty happy with some Lego

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_11

    Close Next Prev The lab Unicorn theme lives on in a snow-globe

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_12

    Close Next Prev Natalia and Tomasz inspect her new cheese-making kit

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_13

    Close Next Prev Tomasz doesn't seem entirely happy with all this photo taking

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_14

    Close Next Prev Maria contemplating the pieces before the Lego challenge

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_15

    Close Next Prev The action starts with Natalia and Janet busily building

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_16

    Close Next Prev The mood is more pensive on the other team

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_17

    Close Next Prev But the pace soon picks up

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_18

    Close Next Prev And you can almost detect a bit of hubris at one point

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_19

    Close Next Prev But it's short-lived as the other team clinch victory

  • 2019_Lab_Xmas_Party_20

    Close Next Prev

Cambridge Science Festival - March 2019

We had fun again presenting our "Grow your own crystal" stand at the Cambridge Science Festival with our friends from Janet Deane's lab and Ian Breierley's lab. Lots of lysozyme crystals, discussions about what it's like to be a scientist, pipetting lessons, certificates of achievement to crystal growers, stickers and general fun! Thanks to everyone who came to the stand, and especially to all the volunteers for helping make the day a success.

  • 2019_Science_Festival_1

    Close Next Prev

  • 2019_Science_Festival_2

    Close Next Prev There was lots to do when setting up...

  • 2019_Science_Festival_3

    Close Next Prev ...but at least the crystals were growing

  • 2019_Science_Festival_4

    Close Next Prev Chris, Chen and Kamal wait for the doors to open

  • 2019_Science_Festival_6

    Close Next Prev Chris and Kaveesha explaining our work

  • 2019_Science_Festival_7

    Close Next Prev Whole families got involved

  • 2019_Science_Festival_8

    Close Next Prev Eve in front of the awesome poster made by Harriet

  • 2019_Science_Festival_9

    Close Next Prev The bay was so busy you couldn't move at times!

  • 2019_Science_Festival_10

    Close Next Prev Kids were learning pipetting basics...

  • 2019_Science_Festival_11

    Close Next Prev ...and seeing what it's like to spend a day in the lab

  • 2019_Science_Festival_12

    Close Next Prev Kamal inspecting someone's handywork

  • 2019_Science_Festival_13

    Close Next Prev Ours wasn't the only cool stand...Stephen particularly liked "Worm or Noodle?"

  • 2019_Science_Festival_14

    Close Next Prev Everyone enjoying a well-deserved beer at the end of the day

Welcome pizza - October 2018

We've had lots of new people join the lab over the last little while, so we were well overdue a pizza night. We enjoyed some foot-long pizzas from our friends from Janet Deane's lab in order to welcome Kamel, Ben, Kaveesha and Tomasz to the lab

  • 2018_welcome_pizza_1

    Close Next Prev Ben even managed to get a cheeky selfie into this shot...

Film crew in the lab - September 2018

There was some minor excitement in the lab today as we had a film crew (of one guy, admittedly, but with a very professional looking camera) in the lab. It was for an interview that the Wellcome Trust were doing with Stephen as part of their series of researcher stories. Everyone in the lab had a go at acting during an impromptu 'lab meeting' in the tea room and there were some 'action shots' too. You'll have to wait a few months for the finished product, but a few behind-the-scenes shots are below.

  • 2018_WT_film_1

    Close Next Prev Stephen and Ben freezing crystals

  • 2018_WT_film_2

    Close Next Prev Our intrepid film maker

  • 2018_WT_film_3

    Close Next Prev Stephen and Ben using the ÄKTA

  • 2018_WT_film_4

    Close Next Prev Stephen and Ben still using the ÄKTA (or pretending to!)

Cambridge Science Festival - March 2018

As Easter approaches it is again time for the lab to take part in the Cambridge Science Festival. This year we were joined by members of Janet Deane's lab from the CIMR, and of Trevor Sweeney's lab, Colin Crump's lab and Ian Breierley's lab from Pathology. In addition to our usual "Grow your own crystal" activity and "A day in the lab" photo journal, Harriet from Trevor's lab had made a fabulous cartoon graphic novel-inspired "Why we study viruses" poster. About 250 people visited the stall, with over 120 lysozyme crystalisation experiments being performed, and everyone manning the stand had a great time. Thanks everyone for making the day such a success!

  • 2018_SciFest_1

    Close Next Prev Janet doing a last minute test to make sure everthing is working

  • 2018_SciFest_2

    Close Next Prev Tomasz teaching his mum how to grow protein crystals

  • 2018_SciFest_3

    Close Next Prev Janet demonstrating the finer points of tip ejection

  • 2018_SciFest_4

    Close Next Prev Reaching to focus knob is a challenge if you have short arms...

  • 2018_SciFest_5

    Close Next Prev But the certificate at the end makes it worth while!

  • 2018_SciFest_6

    Close Next Prev Chris giving tips on pipette use

  • 2018_SciFest_7

    Close Next Prev Eve explaining the experiment

  • 2018_SciFest_8

    Close Next Prev The stand was busy most of the day

  • 2018_SciFest_9

    Close Next Prev Stephen explaining pipetting

  • 2018_SciFest_10

    Close Next Prev

  • 2018_SciFest_11

    Close Next Prev Chen assisting with pipetting

  • 2018_SciFest_12

    Close Next Prev Stephen using Harriet's poster to explain why we study viruses

  • 2018_SciFest_13

    Close Next Prev Chris supervising crystal inspections

  • 2018_SciFest_14

    Close Next Prev Janet shows another young boy how to use a pipette

  • 2018_SciFest_15

    Close Next Prev And how to visualise crystals under the microscope

  • 2018_SciFest_16

    Close Next Prev Even some of the other Science Festival volunteers had a go at protein crystallisation

  • 2018_SciFest_17

    Close Next Prev Harriet supervising a crystallisation experiment

  • 2018_SciFest_18

    Close Next Prev Colin (and his little boy) chatting about science at the PathCaf

Formal hall at Sidney Sussex College - March 2018

Tomasz celebrated the end of his first Term in Cambridge by inviting the lab to dinner at his college, Sidney Sussex. It was a very nice dinner in grand surroundings and we all had a great time (even if we did all feel our age when having a quick drink at the college bar afterwards...). Thanks Tomasz for the invite!

  • Sidney Sussex Formal_1
    Sidney Sussex Formal_1

    Close Next Prev Tomasz, Janet, Stephen and Chen in front of a rather over-exposed portrait of Lady Radclyffe (founder of the college)

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