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We are happy to accept students from the BBSRC DTP programme for PhD projects. We're also happy to hear from potential applicants for Gates Cambridge MPhil or PhD studentships, Cambridge Trust Studentships or Commonwealth Scholarships. You can find details on additional sources of studentship funding on the Department of Pathology prospective students page.

Prospective postdocs:

We are always interested to hear from motivated postdocs who want to apply for fellowships (e.g. from EMBO, HFSP, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 [Stephen had one of these!], the Royal Society or the Wellcome Trust) to join the lab.

Photos (2017)

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Farewell to Julia and Morag - December 2017

It is with great sadness that we said goobye to both Morag and Julia this month. Morag is off to a job in industry, while Julia's going to be spending some time looking after her little one before finding a postdoc position. We gave each of them a big farewell - tea and cake for Julia, and cheese and wine for Morag - plus the obligatory lab-themed farewell items for both! We wish them both all the best for the future.

  • 2017_Julia_farewell_1

    Close Next Prev There were lots of home-made cakes for Julia (not sure why Cameron's one has him wearing a dress...)

  • 2017_Julia_farewell_2

    Close Next Prev Lots of Division members joined us to say goodbye

  • 2017_Julia_farewell_3

    Close Next Prev Julia showing off her extremely limited edition lab bag!

  • 2017_Morag_farewell_1

    Close Next Prev Morag shows off her lab-inspired apron

  • 2017_Morag_farewell_2

    Close Next Prev Morag inspecing the Grumpy Cat calendar Cameron gave her

Lab Christmas party - December 2017

As is becoming tradition, we teamed up with Janet Deane's lab from the CIMR to hold a lab Christmas party at Stephen and Janet's house. This year we did a Dirty Santa present swap of gifts under £5, with some imaginative presents exchanged/stolen/enjoyed. There was also food, music, Susanna's home-made sloe gin, and a Lego Challenge where teams were split into two and the 'architects' had to describe to the 'builders' how to replicate Lego model hidden in the next room. Everyone had a great time (and all made it home safely, despite the absolutely atrocious weather outside that evening!).

  • Christmas 2017_1
    Christmas 2017_1

    Close Next Prev There was plenty of food on hand (and a rather eccentric Christmas tree)

  • Christmas 2017_2
    Christmas 2017_2

    Close Next Prev Some people were quite interested in the food (or the snowmen on the plates)

  • Christmas 2017_3
    Christmas 2017_3

    Close Next Prev Maria opening her Dirty Santa present

  • Christmas 2017_4
    Christmas 2017_4

    Close Next Prev Chen advising her builders as part of the Lego challenge

  • Christmas 2017_5
    Christmas 2017_5

    Close Next Prev Julia's leaving present to the lab was a stamp that says it all!

  • Christmas 2017_6
    Christmas 2017_6

    Close Next Prev Several intrepid souls sampled Susanna's home-made sloe gin, but everyone made it home OK...

Danielle viva celebrations - November 2017

Congratulations to Danielle for passing her PhD viva! Danielle had a great discussion with her two examiners, emerging trumphant after ~3½ hours on the hot seat. Danielle was rewarded for her efforts with an extremely limited edition Acyclobeer, and members of the Division joined us to celebrate her achievement and wish her all the best for the future!

  • Danielle_viva_1

    Close Next Prev Danielle nervously listening to some farewell words from Stephen on behalf of the Division

  • Danielle_viva_2

    Close Next Prev Danielle's leaving gift for Stephen suggests that he talks about Game of Thrones too often at work!

  • Danielle_viva_3

    Close Next Prev Danielle basking in the fact that the PhD is sorted.

Julia viva celebration - August 2017

Congratulations to Julia for passing her PhD viva! The viva was challenging enough that Julia feels she got her money's worth, but everyone came out smiling and a good time was had by all at the post-viva celebration. Julia is going to be staying with us for a few months on her victory lap to finish a few experiments whilst looking for a postdoc position overseas.

  • 2017_Julia_viva_1

    Close Next Prev Stephen with Dr Muenzner

Farewell for Lydumila - March 2017

After a busy and exciting 12 months in our lab, we were sad to bid farewell to Lyudmila as she headed back to Germany. Lots of friends were on hand to give her a big send off, both at her last lab meeting and at dinner in the Green Man. We wish her all the best for the future!

  • 2017_Lyudmila_farewell_1

    Close Next Prev Lyudmila brought in some delicious cake for her last lab meeting

  • 2017_Lyudmila_farewell_2

    Close Next Prev Lyudmila receives her Cambridge "swag" at her farewell dinner

  • 2017_Lyudmila_farewell_3

    Close Next Prev Discussing future plans

  • 2017_Lyudmila_farewell_4

    Close Next Prev Loads of people were there to give her a warm send-off

Cambridge Science Festival - March 2017

After a few years' hiatus, we again hosted a Grow your own crystals stand at the Cambridge Science Festival together with our friends from Janet Deane's lab. It was a busy day, with hundreds of lysozyme crystals grown (and certificates of achievement handed out!), but lots of fun for everyone involved.

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_1

    Close Next Prev Gathering for the safety briefing before the day begins

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_2

    Close Next Prev The first shift at the stand: Morag, Stephen, Julia and Danielle

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_3

    Close Next Prev Kids were very keen to see their crystals grow

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_4

    Close Next Prev As were postdocs too - here Chen is teaching Ka Fai from Geoff Smith's lab how to grow a crytsal

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_5

    Close Next Prev Kids of all ages had a go learning to pipette

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_6

    Close Next Prev

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_7

    Close Next Prev Crystal growing even inspired some friendly sibling rivalry

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_8

    Close Next Prev

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_9

    Close Next Prev And results could be compared on the video microscope screen

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_10

    Close Next Prev

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_11

    Close Next Prev Sam joined us later in the day to help kids with the experiments

  • 2017_Cambridge_Science_Festival_12

    Close Next Prev

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