We're Hiring!

We're looking for a structural enzymologist to help decipher how viruses evolve resistance to antiviral drugs. More details here and apply here.

Prospective students:

We are happy to accept students from the BBSRC DTP programme for PhD projects. We're also happy to hear from potential applicants for Gates Cambridge MPhil or PhD studentships, Cambridge Trust Studentships or Commonwealth Scholarships. You can find details on additional sources of studentship funding on the Department of Pathology prospective students page.

Prospective postdocs:

We are always interested to hear from motivated postdocs who want to apply for fellowships (e.g. from EMBO, HFSP, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 [Stephen had one of these!], the Royal Society or the Wellcome Trust) to join the lab.

Contact Details

Department of Pathology
University of Cambridge
Tennis Court Road
Phone: 01223 336920
Email: scg34@cam.ac.uk

Finding Us

We can be found on the fifth floor of the Labs Block, Addenbrooke's Hospital

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