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We're looking for a structural enzymologist to help decipher how viruses evolve resistance to antiviral drugs. More details here and apply here.

Prospective students:

We are happy to accept students from the BBSRC DTP programme for PhD projects. We're also happy to hear from potential applicants for Gates Cambridge MPhil or PhD studentships, Cambridge Trust Studentships or Commonwealth Scholarships. You can find details on additional sources of studentship funding on the Department of Pathology prospective students page.

Prospective postdocs:

We are always interested to hear from motivated postdocs who want to apply for fellowships (e.g. from EMBO, HFSP, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 [Stephen had one of these!], the Royal Society or the Wellcome Trust) to join the lab.

Photos (2015-2016)

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Lab Retreat - September 2016

Together with Janet Deane's lab from the CIMR we held a summer lab retreat. Everyone gave a short public engagement style talk about their work including at least one physical prop - people employed everything from sock puppets and toy cars to things harvested from the garden and a little man to help explain their work. Lunch and garden games followed - thanks everyone for making it a great day.

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_1

    Close Next Prev Sam had an activity for everyone - folding (or misfolding) a cardboard version of her favourite protein

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_2

    Close Next Prev Rui explaining the basics of actin polymerisation

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_3

    Close Next Prev Morag brought her toy cars along to explain intracellular vesicle transport

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_4

    Close Next Prev Ferdi gave Julia a hand explaining entropy

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_5

    Close Next Prev Chen was quite literal when explaining IPs as "fishing" experiments

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_6

    Close Next Prev Lyudmila flew the flag for herpesviruses

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_7

    Close Next Prev Janet used a sock puppet to explain lipid presentation

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_8

    Close Next Prev After the talks we enjoyed a traditional English BBQ (i.e. overcast weather!)

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_9

    Close Next Prev Full with BBQ, people then turned the backyard into a boule pitch

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_10

    Close Next Prev Ferdi wasn't as interested in the game as Julia was

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_11

    Close Next Prev Rui had the professional backhanded throw going

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_12

    Close Next Prev As did Ajit

  • Lab_Retreat_2016_13

    Close Next Prev And Chen remembered to throw the boule instead of her phone...most of the time

Pathology Department Social - June 2016

Our lab teamed up with the Sweeney lab to host a Friday night Pathology Department social. Thanks everyone who pitched in with the setup and decorating for making the bash such a success. Special thanks also to Christoph from the Goodfellow lab for the photos.

  • Pathology_social_2016_1

    Close Next Prev Laura 'samples' the snacks during the set-up

  • Pathology_social_2016_2

    Close Next Prev The party in full swing

  • Pathology_social_2016_3

    Close Next Prev Tim, Morag, Susanna and Lyudmila managed to find a quiet corner

  • Pathology_social_2016_4

    Close Next Prev

  • Pathology_social_2016_5

    Close Next Prev

  • Pathology_social_2016_6

    Close Next Prev Ian and Trevor deep in conversation

  • Pathology_social_2016_7

    Close Next Prev Simon seems much happier having his photo taken than Danielle

  • Pathology_social_2016_8

    Close Next Prev Geoff chatting with Stephen, Janet and Louise

Welcome pizza for Lyudmila - April 2016

In what seems to be fast becoming a lab tradition, we took Lyudmila to the Salisbury Arms for pizza to welcome her to Cambridge.

  • Lyudmila_welcome_pizza_1

    Close Next Prev

Bowling - February 2016

The lab teamed up with the guys from Trevor Sweeney's lab and Colin Crump's lab in the Division of Virology for a tenpin bowling trip. None of us can rival the dude, but it was lots of fun

  • 2016_Bowling_1

    Close Next Prev Trevor, Tim and Tom carbo-loading at Five Guys before the bowling begins

  • 2016_Bowling_2

    Close Next Prev Stephen having a throw (note the awesome bowling shoes!)

  • 2016_Bowling_3

    Close Next Prev Tim played it cool in the first few games

  • 2016_Bowling_4

    Close Next Prev Chen showing off her skills

  • 2016_Bowling_5

    Close Next Prev Even Julia had a go (with some help from Tom to lift the ball!)

  • 2016_Bowling_6

    Close Next Prev Trevor using his Jedi powers to curve the ball to the left

  • 2016_Bowling_7

    Close Next Prev Tim considering his options

  • 2016_Bowling_8

    Close Next Prev Harriet used her trademark "thumping" technique throughout the night...

  • 2016_Bowling_9

    Close Next Prev ...whereas Morag never, ever, watched the ball on its journey down the alley

  • 2016_Bowling_10

    Close Next Prev The scores were mostly pretty balanced and everyone had a good time

Christmas Party - December 2015

The lab celebrated the end of a busy year with a Christmas dinner together with our friends from Janet Deane's lab in the CIMR. Secret Santa presents were exchanged and Chrismas pizzas were eaten before we settled down to watch a classic Christmas film.

  • Christmas 2015_1
    Christmas 2015_1

    Close Next Prev

  • Christmas 2015_2
    Christmas 2015_2

    Close Next Prev Danielle excited to receive a firemen calendar as her secret Santa present

  • Christmas 2015_3
    Christmas 2015_3

    Close Next Prev Ingredients laid out for the Christmas pizzas

  • Christmas 2015_4
    Christmas 2015_4

    Close Next Prev Julia and Susanna supervising the pizza assembly

  • Christmas 2015_5
    Christmas 2015_5

    Close Next Prev Christmas pizza 1: Pork and apple sauce

  • Christmas 2015_6
    Christmas 2015_6

    Close Next Prev Stephen was on oven duty

  • Christmas 2015_7
    Christmas 2015_7

    Close Next Prev Christmas pizza 2: Chicken, brie and cranberry

  • Christmas 2015_8
    Christmas 2015_8

    Close Next Prev Christmas pizza 3: Julia's vegetarian Christmas tree pizza!

  • Christmas 2015_9
    Christmas 2015_9

    Close Next Prev

Edward's Leaving Parties - September 2015

After almost three years in the lab Edward is moving on to pursue a PhD at King's College London. The lab held a weekend BBQ to bid him a fond farewell and the Division held drinks on Friday afternoon to wish him success in his future studies.

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_1

    Close Next Prev The weather put on a pretty good show (for early Autumn)

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_2

    Close Next Prev

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_3

    Close Next Prev Julia brought her infamous tandem bicycle

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_4

    Close Next Prev Janet didn't seem particularly convinced by this contraption

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_5

    Close Next Prev But Stephen and Janet soon got the hang of it

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_6

    Close Next Prev Danielle showed off her professional boules technique...

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_7

    Close Next Prev ...but Susanna could also hold her own on the boules pitch

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_8

    Close Next Prev Morag brought some delicious chocolate-coated strawberries (not bad for someone who proclaims to not cook!)

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_9

    Close Next Prev Julia and Susanna also came armed with delicious cakes

  • Images/2015_Edward_Leaving/2015_Edward_Leaving_10

    Close Next Prev Everyone in the Division met on Friday afternoon in the tea room to wish Edward the best (and give him some Cambridge-themed leaving gifts)

Lab Move - September 2015

With Morag having joined the lab recently, and another new postdoc on the way, we needed more space! We've thus bid farewell to our old benches and moved to pastures new (although it wasn't very far to go...just down the hall in fact!).

  • 2015_Lab_Move_1

    Close Next Prev New lab: ready for experiments!

  • 2015_Lab_Move_2

    Close Next Prev Stephen's new bench is still the messiest!

  • 2015_Lab_Move_3

    Close Next Prev Old lab looking very empty...

  • 2015_Lab_Move_4

    Close Next Prev

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